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Our Story

We aren't your typical consultancy.
Real data geeks  >  Real data experience  >  People first approach.

Who are DataFit? 

We look to address and support the true gaps faced by businesses when it comes to data management, and then to fix them. No, we don't mean by putting a plaster over the problem with expensive consultants that come and go, we look to actually fix them at the root by building proper data foundations and supporting your people.


Our founder Sam Gaskell, through 12 years of hands on experience and a journey that led her to become a highly-regarded Data Management Specialist, recognised the need for better support for businesses striving to achieve their strategic goals through data management mastery. So, DataFit was born.

Business Meeting
The submark logo for DataFit, Founded by Sam Gaskell

We know first hand the impact that having the right data knowledge and skills in place can have on a business and so whether we are working with a client to review their data strategy, support with documentation of data, or a data migration project, transferring knowledge and skills sits at the top of our agenda, alongside getting the task at hand done.


We believe that every organisation, regardless of size or industry, should have access to the right people and skills for true data-driven decision-making. We will work closely with you, our clients, to understand your unique challenges and goals, developing customised strategies that align with your needs and offering a solution that promises to future-proof your business, in turn saving you time, money and energy in the long-run.

Our Values

Whether you're an individual looking for the next opportunity or a Data Leader looking for support. You are our partners and sit at the very core of what we do.

Challenges are inevitable, we promise to stay committed to you and our joint goals no matter what.


Leaving organisations in a better place than when we arrived through proper data partnering are our passion and drivers.

Introducing Sam Gaskell, the woman behind the brand...

Sam Gaskell, the founder of DataFit a Hampshire based data consultancy.

Known for always bringing out the best in her teams, Sam set up DataFit in 2022 to enable her to pursue the dream of running her own consultancy company with the focus of empowering businesses to upskill their own employees through hands-on project support and specialist training.

Sam has vast experience across varying sectors, gaining extensive knowledge and experience of data management best practices and how best to implement and adapt frameworks to suit different businesses and teams.

At the very core of everything Sam does, is her love for people, bringing out the best in them and getting results with (and for) them. Her desire to inspire, inform and improve drives everything she does and leaves a lasting mark on those she meets. 

Passionate, innovative, fun - three words to describe Sam’s approach to DataFit - and life for that matter!

Are you ready to get DataFit with
Sam and her team?

We offer a FREE 20 minute discovery call, where you can tell us exactly what you are looking for and we can discuss the best options to suit your needs.

What Our Clients Say
"Their problem-solving approach, vast industry experience and unwavering positivity made DataFit stand out from other consultants I have worked with. A true visionary in the world of data and I hope our paths will cross again in the future."
Gail Sinclair, Data Governance, Process & Technology Specialist
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