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The logo for DataFit, a Hampshire based data consultancy specalist.

Helping businesses to proactively

manage their data

Are you ready to get DataFit?

Every business has data but without the right knowledge and skill, it means nothing.


We work to create lasting value with data, by helping businesses develop data management mastery.


Our consultancy services are designed to get you, your team and your business DataFit, for the long-run.

Challenges you might be facing...

Data management overwhelm or low priority
Unable to explore or scale AI due to data quality
Inconsistent data in multiple places
Lack of data skills & knowledge gaps
Lack of knowledge and understanding of your own data

How we help...

Placing focus on and accelerating your data management activities and projects.

Personalised training about your data and data management best practices.

What Our Clients Say
"Their problem-solving approach, vast industry experience and unwavering positivity made DataFit stand out from other consultants I have worked with. A true visionary in the world of data and I hope our paths will cross again in the future."
Gail Sinclair, Data Governance, Process & Technology Specialist


Financial Services






who have worked
with us

A note from our founder...

Sam Gaskell, the founder of DataFit, a UK based data consultancy for small to large businesses.

“The whole DataFit mantra is centered around leaving individuals and businesses better than we found them.

While we're happy to be parachuted into overwhelmed data teams to get projects over the line, we also really want to encourage companies with data teams in place to shift from a consultant-led approach to empowering and investing in their own employees.


Upskilling an existing team offers a long-term, cost effective business solution, building a culture and workforce that have the confidence and expertise required to do their jobs, operating with passion and purpose.

For small to medium companies, with no in-house data function, we welcome the opportunity to implement our specially-developed framework that embeds data management best practice into day-to-day operations and provide ongoing monthly support and training to ensure the business really is getting the most from its data.


Everything we do is to future-proof you and your business. Our experts work with each of our clients to upskill and educate at every opportunity. As we say to all of our clients at the end of a project - we're here if you need us again, we're hopeful you won't."

Sam Gaskell - Founder and Leader behind DataFit

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